Packaging Design

Since 1977

We produce boxes

We work with many sectors such as cosmetics, jewellery, food-beverage, textile-apparel, retail, e-commerce, technology, industry. Brands apply to us to design the most suitable packaging for their products.

Our Goals for Correct Packaging;

• Reducing packaging waste
• Reducing costs
• Suggesting new materials
• Keeping up with the latest packaging trends
• Combining demand with the best production techniques

After a packaging design, we not only prepare prototype samples of the product, but also bring together all kinds of components that will provide sufficient testing on the product with printing trials.

Our Design & Production Processes

• Product review process
• Detecting product-specific packaging shapes
• Design and implementation
• Prototype sample preparation
• Starting to high-volume production

If you would like to get an offer on packaging design, please contact us.

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